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Eve’s beauty Garden is a full-service hair salon dedicated to helping women achieve healthy hair goals and becoming the embodiment of beauty via education on organic and home remedies for hair, skin and health.(Education is provided to Eve's Garden Dolls Only)


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What are the benefits of microlinks? 

“The best part about this technique is the versatility. You can treat it as your real hair due to it not having any braids. It’s better than clip-ins because you can sleep in [the extensions] and it blends perfectly with your natural hair. You’re still able to maintain the health of your natural hair as well as it being completely flat and seamless. No one will be able to tell that you have extensions, no track no case. Micro-links are also super secure because of the technique of using the small rings followed by being clamped down. There is no glue used and as long as you have a professional install and remove your links, you won’t damage any hair follicles.”

Natual heathy hair steamer
Curly Lace Front
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traditional sew-In