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Eve's Beauty Garden 

Hello Dolls,


Welcome, I'm Eve, the Owner of Eve's Beauty Garden.


Born and raised in Houston, TX where I currently reside and work. It all began at the age of 5: you could find me playing with my dolls hair, cutting, braiding and creating new looks for them.  By the 6th grade I started making an allowance by braiding my classmates hair. Then there friends hair and so on.  By the time I made it to high school they offered cosmetology courses that I quickly engaged in. I knew at the age of 16 I wanted to be a successful salon owner and nothing would stand in my way.

Finishing high school at the early age of 17. I went straight to college and certified a second career as an Licensed Vocational Nurse. Starting out in the medical field where I spent the next eight years of my life saving other people lives. I still could not let the passion of  doing hair go, so I worked it as a side job. I enjoyed helping to save lives but realized my true talent of styling and owning  my own salons was being placed more and more on the back burner.

The burning of this inner passion grew stronger each year so I began to collaborate on launching a salon in 2012. This became the birth of Eve's Beauty Garden  located in Houston, TX. I plan to continue to build on this brand, seeing myslef owner of many salons and Boutiques  located through out the U.S and eventually becoming a personal celebrity stylist. Check out my other website at (coming soon) where you can find the latest trends, accessories, hair, hair products and much more.

 pointment NOW!


I Truly Love My Dolls; More Importantly I care about the GROWTH & HEALTH of your Hair!


As a Doll, I know hair can make you feel beautiful inside and out. Rather it's long, short, natural or with extentions added; it's one of our MAIN accessory as a woman.  It can be a new boost of confidence are just make you feel like a brand new person.  My mission as a hair master is to provide quality installs and natural hair care to promote maximum hair growth. I only take appointments because I believe your time is very important.  My clients is my focus; I chase your vision and not your pockets! My success depends upon your HAPPINESS. Therefore, I'm committed to 1000% client satisfaction and making your hair healthy. I take monthly continue education classes to stay on top of the latest styles, techniques,and best ORGANIC products for MAXIMUM hair growth.  Anyone can style and do hair, but ask yourself,"is my stylist providing me with the BEST customized treatments to keep my hair HEALTHY?" If you even hesitated to think about it, (STOP). MEET YOUR NEW HAIR CARE TAKER! 

Cut your hair and regret it? Want length added to your hair but want it to look NATURAL? Do you have  bald spots, thin hair are no edges on your hair line? Just want a new look and don't know where to start? Do you want to rock short hair BUT don't want to cut your natural hair? Are do you just need to give your natural hair a rest from everyday stress? Eve have an answer to all your questions are concerns. I'm experienced in all ethnicity and courses of hair.  At Eve's Garden I bring out the Beauty In You! I'll work with you until you are completly Happy With the new You! Book with me NOW to experience a healthy hair journey and see what your stylist havent been teaching you about your hair. I only use all natural products for maxium growth of your real hair. Follow me on instagram @evehairhtown on twitter @htownevesgarden and facebook:  Eve's Beauty Garden Hair Studio. (FOR WEEKLY OR MONTHLY DISCOUNTS....EVERY ACCOUNT WILL YEILD DIFFRENT SPECIALS...SO MAKE SURE YOU FOLLOW ALL..WHEN BOOKING IN MEMO MAKE SURE YOU MENTION THE SPECIAL & WHICH ACCOUNT)***   To puchase Hair, Hair products that I Use, Accessories and the latest trends check out my other website (COMING SOON)








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