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Affordable Custo made wigs
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Buy Human Hair Wigs
       Eve's Express Custom units will save you time and money from salons!
Fast shipping!(Ships World Wide ) *This is not a new creation just not offered in most salon's because it will save YOU money!
Sounds unbeliviable?  Well it take no scientific to figure if the client saves money the beautcian loose money.  Owning custom units allows you  to pay a lower price for your sew-in's with Eve or a quick and simple home application for those last minute events.  Futhermore, a custom unit saves TIME from getting a whole new sew-in every time you come n the salon.   Keep reading to gain knowledge of UNLIMITED BENIFITS and how the units are processed.
Q.  Tired of your edges thinnng from repeated tight sew-ins?
A.  Owning an E-unit will save you from days of pain from too tight braids. Repeating the process of tight braids pulls on your edges that cause future thinning or balding spots. Since only the perimiter is sewed down, it save you from alot of pain.
Q. Want to grow your hair out?
A. Watch the video below to show you how E-units can help you in your growing regiman.
Q. Tired of paying for expensive sew-in's?
A. An E-unit will save you money over time. See chart below.
Q. What if I don't stay in Houston.
A. No problem, E-units are custom made to your liking and shipped right to your door usually within 3-5 working days. Express shipping is Avaliable. (CUSTOM ORDERS EMAIL HAIREVE@GMAIL.COM OR CALL 281-849-1335)
Q. Will it look like a wig?
A. The E-Part unit ( first picture at the top of this page) looks JUST LIKE YOUR TRADITIONAL SEW-N! Nothing diffrent but saves you time, money & edges.
Q.Will it come off like a wig?
A. ONLY IF YOU WANT IT TO! Either you can sew it down around the perimeter of your hair(Braided) or let me know you want it as a wig! (Third picture on this page) Great for my Natural doll's  following weekly har growth regimans.
Q. Once I place my order, How fast does the unit come?
(All Ready Made units) Ships out within 48 hours of approved payment. Custom orders ships out soon as your unit(s) are  finished. (3-5 Business days) EXPRESS availiable at an additional price.
Q.What about fitting.
A. Very easy, once you place an order, I will explain to you on how to send me measurments.

If you are in Houston and perfer to pick up your order please Call 281-849-1335

Have question are comments? Ask below and Eve wll return them.

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